Energy cycle gives you the power to control your energy at home or in the office helping you to not only save money - but also to save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

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At Energy Cycle we have successfully installed our monitoring equipment within the social housing sector, along with office and commercial installations. We have local schools in our program to be installed in the near future. We have recently measured complex chiller monitoring systems within Grimsby fishing village, and heat system monitoring for social housing. At Energy Cycle we have a dedicated IT team which are able to build new monitoring systems upon request. Along with our monitoring team, we are able to report to you on how you Energy Cycle can save you money instantly.

The current cost of energy is higher than it has ever been and makes up an ever increasing proportion of the cost of running a home or a business; with this trend set to continue now is the time to buy an Energy Cycle system. The system will allow users to analyse water and energy usage across any gas, mains electric or renewable device enabling current usage habits to be tailored to a more economic usage profile. Energy Cycle also provides an extensive range of proven “bolt on” energy saving products that will allow the user to further reduce consumption and more importantly costs.