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Energy Cycle are very proud to be at the forefront of the global changes being made to the way energy is consumed.

As a result of innovative technology many of our customers have changed their capital expenditure programs based on the information we can provide.

From complete office buildings to leisure centers, factories to production lines, the ability to monitor all areas, specific sections, certain floors or even individual machines and appliances, is becoming a real necessity, Energy Cycle monitors them all.

We are in a tough economic climate so now is the ideal time to look at business costs both capital and ongoing. There is so much to be gained from increasing the energy efficiency of buildings in the commercial sector, while simultaneously helping the UK to meet its 2050 Climate Change Act targets.

However, despite the obvious business case for investment in energy efficiency, to date take up has historically been low, barriers preventing many commercial sector companies including SME's and micro-businesses is a) the lack of available up front capital and b) having the necessary information to hand to understand exactly what measures or technology to focus on in order to fully realize the maximum benefit. This is increasingly complicated all be it increasingly profitable because of the current Government grants and incentives available under the LoCASE scheme , please enquire if your postcode area is eligible.

Energy Cycle monitor and validate all energy usage, furthermore with our designed payback calculator cost efficiency is guaranteed.