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Meter Upgrading

Energy Cycle have obtained vast experience in the field of Energy saving and have encountered a range of different environments. We can inspect existing meters on site and advise if they are MID compliant or not and make sensible recommendations on the best way forward. Our experienced and compliant personnel can change the meters at the best time to suit your working practices to minimise disruption to your staff and business.


The use of unapproved meters does not meet the requirements of the Electricity Act 1989. To bill electricity with a non approved meter is a breach of the 1989 Act and is classified as a criminal offence. On conviction the person committing the offence is liable to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale. This fine is currently set at £1000 per each offending meter, so for a multiple meter site the fine will be substantial. What is MID ? Under Schedule 7 of the electricity act 1989, it is a requirement for all landlords billing tenants for electricity to have MID approved meters installed for the billing purpose. MID meters can only have Approved status and Approval refers to design followed by individual testing at manufacture. Certification is not a recognised term under MID. All MID approved meters MUST carry the full MID marking which denotes whether a meter is MID approved or not. If you are a residential, commercial, or industrial landlord or property manager, in any of the following situations you must employ an MID approved meter since any new billing-approved meter is almost certain to carry MID Approval, for new electricity supplies it is best to fit MID approved billing meters. From October 2016 only MID approved meters can be fitted. These are a few of the sub-billing applications commonly encountered:- Multi-use commercial building - Industrial Estates - Sub-let shops or concessions - Residential flats - Marinas - Caravan parks - Data centre server supplies - Sports facilities - Any charging of electricity by meter reading.

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