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The cost of household bills has soared above inflation over the past decade, with gas prices increasing the most. Recent research from Santander found that bills rose by an average of 81%, while the rate of inflation over that time was 37%.

Yet, for the vast majority, our visibility of what we’re actually spending is restricted to our energy providers sending us a bill, taking a direct debit or charging a pre-payment key or card. But what’s costing the money? Is it the heating, lighting, the TV on standby, the cooker, washing machine or tumble dryer? In reality none of us actually know how much each of these costs, we just have ever-increasing bills to pay.

Where Energy Cycle comes in

Thanks to Energy Cycle you can now see how much your 15-year-old fridge freezer is costing you, as well as your children’s TV and games console, as well as the water you’re using each time you flush the toilet. Plus much, much more.

Now imagine being able to control your heating system, your lights or even your appliances via a computer, tablet or smartphone. With an Energy Cycle System you can. You’re in total control of how and when you consume energy. And if you have a holiday home abroad or in the UK, you can control as much or as little as you want simply by accessing your system via a secure login.

Insurance implications

Losses resulting from burst/leaking pipes or faults in a property’s plumbing system have a significant impact on the insurance industry and Association of British Insurers members pay out around £2.5 million every day to customers in what they term ‘escape of water’ claims.

A significant proportion of this damage is due to pipes bursting during freezing temperatures in the winter months, but taking a few easy preventative measures can prevent much of this damage.

With an Energy Cycle system, the ability to control the mains water to your property is as simple as going online. With standard alerts setup based on your daily water consumption, excessive or out of the ordinary water flow can be detected and acted upon.

Monitoring renewable energy

For those who have invested in some form of renewable energy source, photovoltaic panels for example, how useful would it be to receive an SMS or email informing you your system is producing more energy than you are consuming? You could then have the ability to divert the excess generation to heat your water or switch on the washing machine or tumble dryer. With an Energy Cycle System installed in your property you can.

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